Interactive identification of Nordic wildflowers

At you will find functions for interactive identification of wild plants appearing in the Nordic countries, encompassing around 2000 species of weeds, shrubs, shrublets, trees, grass and grassy plants and vascular cryptogams. This identification key is intended to funcion as a search engine among plant resources on the net, rather than as a traditional dichotomic key for plant identification. The identification is made by searching in a characteristics data base, through an interactive key. Descriptions of plants can than be found through links to existing resources on the net. Plant names can be shown in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish or English.

Thus contains functions to help answer the question "what plant is this?". In simple menus color, sizes, shapes, and other easily observable characteristics of a plant can be selected, and a list will be obtained containing plants matching these characteristics. The list is ordered according to the degree of match, and contains (often illustrated) links to descriptions of candidate plants. By selecting among these links information about the selected species can be shown from a nuber of available plant resources on the net, such that identification of whether this is the searched plant can be made.

The material is mainly based on information in Anderberg, Anderberg, Den Virtuella Floran and Mossberg Stenberg, Den nya nordiska floran. Naming of species follow Checklista över Nordens kärlväxter version 2004-01-19. Illustrations have been taken with permission from Biopix and other sources on the Internet.